Helping Communities Thrive.

This quarter the Foundation’s focus will be on highlighting the support given to help communities thrive in the West Midlands and Warwickshire.

We want to highlight what we’ve been able to achieve thanks to the donors and grassroots organisations we work with on a daily basis. As a Community Foundation we cover a wide range of issues through different communities across the region. We hope this will give you an understanding of the variety of our grant making, the range of our support and the vital impact our collective contribution makes to the place we call home.

Each of the themes will incorporate the Foundation’s impact over the last five years! However, some themes may seem underrepresented in our statistics, this is because we’ve focused on the award’s primary aim which doesn’t include the full picture. For example a grant to a homeless charity might support issues around homelessness, but it could also support issues around mental health, substance abuse and food poverty.

If you’d like to further information on the Foundation’s grant making please get in touch!

What we do:

Helping Communities Thrive: Disadvantages
Helping Communities Thrive: Environment
Helping Communities Thrive: Mental & Physical Health
Helping Communities Thrive: People In Need
Helping Communities Thrive: Community Support
Helping Communities Thrive: People
Helping Communities Thrive: Culture