Corporate Giving

Empower Your Business through Local Giving

Recognising the business advantages of supporting your community and the causes that matter to you, your staff, and clients, we offer a direct and impactful route to channel your generosity into the areas you care about.

Unlock Multiple Benefits

Directing your giving effectively into your community yields a multitude of benefits:

  • Forge Stronger Bonds: Cultivate deeper connections with key stakeholders.
  • Attract and Retain Talent: Attract and keep a top-tier workforce.
  • Enhance Reputation: Elevate your profile and profitability through improved PR.

Navigating the Landscape

We acknowledge the challenges businesses face:

  • Finding the Right Fit: Identifying local groups and projects can be daunting – and knowing who and what to give can be stressful and time consuming
  • Ensuring Impact: Validating if contributions align with values and have real impact is important to all of your key stakeholders

The Named Fund Advantage

A Named Fund with Heart of England Community Foundation offers a streamlined and effective solution for your corporate social responsibility. It’s a cost-efficient, tax-savvy way to start-up or extend the reach and endurance of your giving, amplifying its impact on local communities.

Our dedicated team collaborates with you, we prioritise understanding your motivations and aspirations, delving into the what, how, and why of their giving. We can then craft a fund, tailored to your objectives. This comprehensive approach helps us gain a holistic view of the impact that you would like to create through your charitable contributions. From this we shape grant-making strategies aligned with your goals, letting you decide the degree of involvement in awarding grants from your funds.

Visible Impact and Return

We know the significance of witnessing your impact firsthand. In addition to regular feedback, we facilitate site visits, connecting you with the projects you support. This engagement fuels the community’s progress and bridges the gap between donors and recipients.

Streamlined Corporate Giving

  • Quick Named Fund Set Up: Effortless and expedited process.
  • Appeal Letter Assistance: Avert the need to decline requests.
  • Fund Launch & Promotion: Ensuring targeted beneficiaries and optimised PR.
  • Rigorous Due Diligence: On all grant applications.
  • Employee Engagement: Staff involvement in grant-making panels.

Benefits for your company

Effortless Setup of Your Corporate Named Fund

Embarking on your journey with a Corporate Named Fund at the Community Foundation is a swift and seamless process. We streamline the steps to ensure your fund is up and running in no time.

Swift and Painless Process – Our process is designed for simplicity and speed:

  • Understanding Your Values: We begin by comprehending your corporate values and charitable aspirations.
  • Crafting Your Fund Agreement: We provide you with a straightforward Fund Agreement, outlining the service we deliver and tailoring your fund’s operations to your preferences.
  • Ready to Launch: With the agreement in place, your fund is primed for action.

Experience the ease and efficiency of our approach, enabling you to make a meaningful impact without delay.

Empower Charities and Community Groups with Your Support

We’re well aware that countless charities seek assistance from businesses like yours. Yet, amidst the multitude of requests, it can be challenging to determine where to extend your support due to limited resources.

Simplify Your Impact with our united approach

By directing charities and community groups to us, you effectively become a beacon of support. No longer constrained by saying “no,” you can guide them to explore avenues within our network. If a particular group doesn’t align with your fund’s guidelines, there’s a high likelihood that one of our other funds can step in to make a difference.

Witness your impact first hand

Understanding the significance of the impact you’re making in your local community, we’re pleased to support you with opportunities to engage directly with the projects you’ve funded. Beyond providing consistent feedback on the difference you’re creating, we go a step further. We arrange visits to the projects that your generosity has propelled. This first hand interaction allows you and your team to witness the transformative effect of your support.

Fostering Staff Engagement: A Vital CSR Aspect

We recognise that staff involvement plays a pivotal role in corporate social responsibility.

Elevating staff engagement can be achieved through various avenues:

  • Empowerment through Fundraising: Encourage your staff to initiate fundraising efforts for your corporate fund.
  • Influence in Thematic Selection: Involve them in the decision-making process regarding themes or issues to support.
  • Active Grant-Making Participation: Offer opportunities for staff to partake in grant-making panels.

These approaches empower your team, amplifying their role in fostering meaningful change within the community.

Ensuring Impact and Targeted Reach of Your Corporate Fund

Rest assured, we are dedicated to guaranteeing the impact and effectiveness of your corporate fund. Our commitment to your fund’s success is upheld through:

  • Comprehensive Due Diligence: We conduct in-depth evaluations of all applications, ensuring thorough scrutiny.
  • Meticulous Grant Monitoring: Every grant awarded is under supervision, affirming the intended outcomes through regular reporting and supported learning and evaluation.

This diligence ensures that your corporate giving resonates powerfully and reaches those who truly require it.

Explore our existing partnerships

gbpartnerships – Connecting in 2019 we helped gbpartnerships set up the gbpFoundation which supports projects in Birmingham, Coventry and Liverpool. As a foundation they’ve really embraced supporting projects with their expertise and time; as well as grant awards! Our knowledge has enabled them to support groups financially and physically! More info. 

Coventry Building Society – In 2012 we took over CBS charitable foundation which they had been managing since 1998. As the building society began to struggle with handling various applications the Foundation was best placed to take it to the next level. Over £260k has been awarded since. More info.

Wesleyan Assurance – Our largest donors, Wesleyan worked with us to set up The Wesleyan Foundation in 2017, since then together we have distributed more than £3m to 541 projects across the UK using the UKCF network. More info. 

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