A message from our Chief Executive, Tina Costello: 

Welcome to our report on how the Heart of England Community Foundation has responded to the impact of Covid-19 in our West Midlands communities over the initial first 6 months.


The unprecedented global pandemic has impacted on the lives of every person, every sector, every community across the world and for all of us a crisis we have never faced in our lifetimes.


As an independent place-based charity, part of our role is to respond to a local emergency or crisis, so for the first time in the charity’s 25 year history we knew we had to galvanise support quickly to enable us to offer vital funds to local organisations on the ground.


The response of the general public, local trusts and foundations, both existing and new donors was incredible and we raised over £400,000 in just a few weeks, we adapted the way we work to ensure money was distributed quickly, efficiently and reached those organisations providing integral services to some of our most vulnerable communities,


Alongside our own campaign we were fortunate to deliver a significant amount of funding from the National Emergency Trust and Central Government which has enabled us so far to award almost £4 million pounds to over 600 groups supporting over 800,000 people.


This report provides an insight into where the funds have been distributed, how they have been spent but most importantly some of the heart-warming feedback we’ve received.


I would like to take this opportunity to say a heart-felt thank you to everyone who has supported us so far through this devastating pandemic.

We are very proud of the way we have responded to this pandemic; the whole Foundation team have demonstrated commitment and care for our West Midlands communities, but we know it does not end here


The pandemic is still with us and the future remains uncertain as to when life will return to relative normality.


As we approach the winter months, we envisage this will be one of the toughest winters some people have experienced so our communities still need us and we want to help!


Our Winter Wellbeing Fund will aim to offer flexible funding to enable our groups to tell us what their needs are and how we can support them over the next six months.


Could you help us in some way? Find out more here.

We're currently WFH, if you can't get through to our normal line please e-mail info@heartofenglandcf.co.uk or try an alternative number available in the Contact Us section.