Revitalising Trusts

Energising Dormant Funds

The Revitalising Trusts Programme is a strategic initiative designed to unlock resources from inactive or dormant charitable trusts, channelling them towards community impact. Heart of England Community Foundation collaborates with the Charity Commission for England and Wales to facilitate this process, offering comprehensive support to trustees at every stage.

Empowering Dormant Funds for Change

The programme classifies an inactive or dormant trust as one that:

  • Has not expended funds within the past five years
  • Has allocated less than 30% of its income over the last five years

Addressing Common Challenges

Many trusts face obstacles in effectively distributing income for public benefit, stemming from issues such as:

  • Difficulty in appointing new trustees
  • Identifying suitable beneficiaries
  • Time constraints in running the charity
  • Outdated or restrictive objectives

Seizing Opportunity for Transformation

If your trust has encountered difficulties in spending funds over the past five years, the Charity Commission will contact you via email or letter. This communication will outline your options, including:

  • Transferring your assets to another charity, like the Community Foundation
  • Dissolving your charity
  • Adapting your objectives for more effective operation

Guiding You with Expertise and Impact – Why work with the Community Foundation?

As your trusted partner and advisor, we’ve proudly allocated over £35 million to over 7,000 good causes since 1995. Our unmatched insights, bolstered by our extensive track record and experience, empowers our donors to fully realise the potential of their charitable contributions. Witnessing the transformative effects of your generosity is our shared success. 

Securing a Legacy of Impact

With over £19 million in Endowment Funds under our prudent management, in addition to overseeing an array of properties and legacies on behalf of our generous donors, we’re committed to ensuring the lasting impact of local giving. Our unwavering focus on robust financial management and stability, coupled with accredited programs, governance, and systems, guarantees our enduring presence in local communities for generations to come.

Seamless Asset Transfer to a Community Foundation

Every trust has a unique journey. Transferring assets can vary from being a straightforward process, to involving meticulous paperwork, numerous meetings, and substantial effort. As such, predicting the exact duration or process can be challenging. Nevertheless, here is a general roadmap to explain how asset transfer works:

Guiding the Transition
  • Trustees Struggling with Distribution: Trusts encountering difficulties in fund distribution typically initiate the process.
  • Trustees Opt to Close the Trust: After deliberation, trustees decide to close the trust and transfer the assets to the Community Foundation
  • Support from Heart of England CF: The Community Foundation steps in, assisting the trust in revising objectives and executing the closure and asset transfer.
  • Funds Flow to the Community Foundation: The funds are transferred to the Community Foundation under a secure legal agreement 
  • Transformative Impact: These funds become agents of change, through the Community Foundation, funding is awarded to good causes helping to support the incredible work of local charities and enriching lives

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