Leaving a legacy

Leave a Lasting Legacy through Your Will

When it comes to crafting a Will, an increasing number of individuals desire to leave a lasting impact both on their loved ones and on the local community.

Supporting Your Community

Once you’ve made the decision to include a charitable gift in your Will, the challenge often lies in selecting the right organisation. Heart of England Community Foundation offers a straightforward solution. We champion local community groups and charities throughout the region, amplifying their vital support and services.

Empowering Local Causes

Smaller local groups and organisations may sometimes seem less enduring compared to their larger, national counterparts. It’s natural to worry that the cause you’re passionate about might no longer require assistance when your Will takes effect. We understand your concern. Rest assured, we are here to ensure that your generous gift continues to benefit the causes and areas that matter to you, even if a specific organisation evolves or ceases to exist.

A Gift that Echoes Through Time

By including Heart of England Community Foundation in your Will, you’re contributing something tangible and enduring to your own community. Your decision to entrust us with a gift today will ripple through time, supporting local communities for generations to come.

Personalised Care for Your Legacy

We recognise that every gift is unique. Reach out to us for more information or to discuss any questions you may have. Your inquiries will be handled with the utmost confidentiality.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I specify which issues or communities I want to support?

Tailoring the impact of your legacy is entirely within your control. You have the freedom to specify the exact issues or geographic areas you wish to support through your gift. Your preferences serve as our guiding light, ensuring that your generosity is channelled exactly where and how you envisage.

Should you choose, our experienced team can also step in. With our finger on the pulse of our region’s ever-evolving needs, our team will ensure that your gift is directed towards addressing the most pressing issues. Your legacy becomes a force for comprehensive change, expertly guided by those who understand the local landscape.

Can I nominate a particular charity that will benefit?

Absolutely, you can certainly nominate a particular charity or multiple charities that you wish to benefit from your gift. You have the power to name specific charitable organisations that will directly benefit from your gift. Whether it’s a local community group close to your heart or a national or international charitable organisation, your wishes will be honoured with precision.

Your decision to name particular charities underscores the personal touch you wish to leave behind. Your generosity will fuel causes you deeply care about, making a tangible and lasting difference exactly where you intend it.

Will my gift unlock Tax Benefits?

Opting to include a donation to the Community Foundation in your Will not only contributes to a meaningful legacy but also presents a tax-efficient strategy. Beyond the heartfelt impact, this decision can potentially lead to a reduction in the overall amount of tax paid on your estate.

Can I create a Named Fund with my gift?

Your legacy gift can serve as the foundation for a Named Fund, a tribute that resonates with your values and aspirations. You hold the freedom to designate Heart of England Community Foundation as the beneficiary and we can utilise this as part of our general grants programmes or you may stipulate the establishment of a fund bearing your chosen name. In this personalised journey, your family and/or professional advisors can also play a role, participating in the rewarding process of allocating grants from the fund you’ve created.

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