Support for Applicants.

Support for Applicants.

The following documents have been designed to help answer queries you may have when considering completing a grant application.

Working with partner organisations we have produced three short films to help you complete a grant application. 

What makes a good application? Watch our webinar. 

Completing the Application Form
Jargon Buster
Social Enterprises and CIC’s
What makes a good application

Support available from other agencies:

Finance Training for Small Charities
CFG’s Small Charities Programme delivers financial training and resources to charities with an income of £1m or less. The objective is to help small charities manage their finances more effectively, enabling them to deliver better services to current and future beneficiaries. The programme will be rolled out from January 2017 and is open to all small charities across England and Wales.
Writing a Safeguarding Policy
The NSPCC have a number of resources for organisations who need to develop, review or enhance the Safeguarding Policy for the protection of children and young adults.

If you have any other queries, please contact our Grants Team on 024 77800 520, alternatively email us on

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