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Professionals like you—be it solicitors, accountants, financial advisors, or wealth managers—are the guiding light for your clients during pivotal life moments. For those clients seeking to transform significant life events—whether it’s selling a business, retirement, or an inheritance—into impactful investments within their local community, we stand ready.

We are a hub for tax-efficient charitable giving. We specialise in providing expert philanthropic guidance to individuals, families, and businesses, crafting tailor-made grant strategies, to support your clients charitable giving to truly flourish. 

We prioritise understanding your clients motivations and aspirations, delving into the what, how, and why of their giving. Only then do we craft a fund, tailored to their objectives. This comprehensive approach helps us gain a holistic view of the impact they want to create through their charitable contributions. From this understanding, we shape grant-making strategies aligned with their goals, letting them decide the degree of involvement in awarding grants from their funds.

As a trusted partner and advisor, we’ve proudly allocated over £35 million to a multitude of local community projects since 1995. Our unmatched insights, bolstered by our extensive track record and experience, empower our donors to fully realise the potential of their charitable contributions. Witnessing the transformative effects of their generosity is our shared success.

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