In 2019 gbpartnerships joined forces with the Foundation to launch the gbpartnerships Community Fund, forming part of the company’s gbpFoundation.

Since its launch the gbpFoundation has awarded over £20,000 through the Foundation to groups based within a 10-mile radius of gbpartnerships’ Coventry, Birmingham and Liverpool sites (thanks CF Merseyside!).

Awards have supported projects focusing on health, education, empowerment and raising the skills and aspirations of young people.

They’re also keen to get involved and build relationships with the good causes they hear about and, thanks to an introduction from HoE, the gbpFoundation has been able to work closely with Own Books and support education in primary schools. A wonderful donor to work with!

Nikki Hopkins, Business Development Director at gbpartnerships, said:

“We often get involved with community projects in the areas we operate. Setting up the Foundation has been a great opportunity to put some structure and governance in place.


“The Heart of England team have introduced us to some wonderful people and we’ve been able to have a far greater impact.”


Projects Supported:

Coventry Girls and Boys Club
Own Books