Working with families of children with disabilities from disadvantaged backgrounds ATHAC CIC (Access to Heritage, Arts and Culture) were awarded £2,000 from the gbpFoundation to provide monthly wellbeing sessions at a community hub in Birmingham.



Carol Reid, Project Manager, said:

“For this project we were based in a community hub in Erdington. We wanted to deliver a community programme for vulnerable adults.


“We incorporated so many things, we had mindfulness and earning opportunities as well as cooking.


“People were coming along to the sessions and that lends itself to other things, if I’m there ‘doing’ with them I get to know them more and understand their needs, we’re in a safe space. From that, it’s a vehicle to support families.


“But with COVID that all changed. It was a sickener, the support, reach and wellbeing has become more paramount and we’ve been adapting and finding ways to continue the support.


“Although the funding was around the parents we provided play bags for their children. It’s enabled us to provide a wraparound service incorporating mindfulness because of the relationships we’ve created. We’re still running weekly sessions!”

Daisy, a beneficiary of the project, said:

“When I first started with ATHAC it was just through a coffee morning the school organised with Carol. At the time my daughter wasn’t diagnosed with anything, but with the support of Carol I was able to get my daughter diagnosed with ADHD, and a few years later, Autism.


“At the time I wasn’t working, I’m now fully employed through several different avenues. I don’t think we’d be where we’re now if I hadn’t had that support, that’s my whole family and there’s eight of us in my house!


“I’ve been getting support from Carol over the last few months, we’ve been doing the play packs and things. They’ve been lifesaving.


“You can imagine how hard it is being stuck at home with six children, one with additional needs, doing nothing!


“Thank you to the donors. That little bit of money that you’re able to offer to groups such as ATHAC changes people’s lives. It brings them together.


“It can definitely change people’s perspective in life and give them hope when they need it.”


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