The Insight Society were awarded £5,000 from our Positive Futures Fund to deliver the ‘Seeing a Brighter Future’ project. This enabled young people who are in secure accommodation, due to breaking the law, to work on a one-to-one basis with a BSVI (Blind and Severely Visually Impaired) person. 

This intergenerational project has allowed 14-18-year olds to complete valuable work in their local community. The organisation worked with ex-offenders or those awaiting trial or sentencing to become Human Guides. The guides support blind or visually impaired people with reading or accompanying them to local activities. The young people who took part in the project all faced being ‘stigmatised’ by society because of their link to the criminal justice system.

The project has provided 20 young people with the opportunity to train for the first time, giving them the opportunity to do valuable voluntary service and start on a pathway to rehabilitating themselves in the eyes of those who take decisions over their lives including Youth Justice Workers, Magistrates, and Judges.

As well as the 20 young people supported through this project it has also had a much wider benefit and reach. It provided volunteer opportunities for 8 adults (6 supervisors and 2 drivers) and support for 36 BSVI people to ease isolation and loneliness.

Shazia Begum, Director at Insight Society, said: 

“One young person faced sentencing from a previous offence during the project duration. Following his custodial sentencing he continued to build a relationship with the gentleman he had been visiting and reading to in hospital by writing to him.


“Sadly, the gentleman passed away, but the young person requested and was granted permission to attend his funeral. The gentleman had told his family and care givers that ‘he enjoyed the visits’.


“The young person said going to the eye infirmary was one of his favourite times of the week.”

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