Digikick, an organisation based in Birmingham, have been supported by the Foundation several times. Their aim is to use technology as a tool to bring community together.

Through the Foundation’s Coronavirus Resilience Fund, they were awarded a grant of £1,500 which has enabled them to support those who have been isolated during the pandemic. Improving people’s tech skills during this time can be crucial to people’s happiness.

Nothing could be truer than Chrys’ experience:

“I’ve just lost my husband, just got cancer so my stress levels are sky high. I’m not computer literate at all. I’ve got an iPhone, but I don’t know how to use it really. I’ve been hacked on the computer, so I won’t use them anymore.


“I feel more in lockdown than ever now because I haven’t been able to access things from the cancer centre, I was getting all the therapy but, rightly so, all that has suddenly stopped.”

Chrys has only had a few sessions but thanks to Digikick’s individual approach she’s been able to explain her priorities and start working on what’s important for her life:

“I said ‘can I tell you my absolute priorities?’ – They take it step by step, it’s my first time so it’s hard but they’re really good at explaining and giving me the time to get things down.


“We’ve gone through accessing YouTube, which is great, I’ve been able to get onto the yoga and the tai chi. I’m really pleased that I can access that, and apparently I can access it at any time which is great!”

Chatting over the phone with Chrys she makes it clear how important this service has been for her:

“This is my life saviour; I’ve been trying to get help like this for 2 years. I’m so pleased, I felt so different, I was getting so down, thinking ‘I really don’t want to live, it’s not worth it’.


“Without Digikick I think I’d be at the crematorium, it was honestly that bad, I’m not a depressive person but it was honestly that bad. I just thought I wasn’t going to get any help.


“I’ve really picked it up and I’m feeling really positive, I’d never be able to access those things before. It makes me very excited I tell people it’s absolutely fantastic, it’s clear and concise and they’ve got a lot of patience! I can’t believe how good it’s been.”

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