A community organisation is encouraging more people in Warwick District to embrace nature to improve their mental health and wellbeing thanks to a grant worth £2,000.

ARC CIC (Achieving Results in Communities Community Interest Company), which transforms unused land and assets in Warwick District into open spaces was awarded the money by the Foundation after being chosen to receive the grant by regional accountancy firm Harrison Beale & Owen (HB&O).

The work the organisation does was highlighted to HB&O by the Foundation, which manages the firm’s grants.

A cheque was presented to ARC CIC at Foundry Wood in Leamington – one of the sites created by the organisation – to its director Kristie Naimo by Katherine Williams and Sarah Franklin of HB&O, and Sue Heyes of the Foundation.

Kristie said:

“Getting outside and enjoying nature is so important for our physical and mental health – research has shown being in green environments actually reduces blood pressure, which can contribute to stress.


“So with 2019 being the Year of Wellbeing in Warwickshire, we wanted to encourage as many people as possible to find an outdoor activity to suit them.


“For example, people wishing to reconnect with nature can join a walking group, attend one of many gardening sessions at centres across the district, or attend an ‘ecotherapy’ session at Foundry Wood.


“And this money will help us promote all the different activities we have for people living in Warwick District.


“We’re very happy HB&O have awarded us this grant through the Heart of England Community Foundation. The Foundation’s support has allowed us to access more funding and to raise our profile as a result.”

HB&O decided to award the grant to ARC CIC after everyone in the firm was asked to vote for the organisations and charities they felt were most worthwhile. ARC CIC’s work was well-supported.

Katherine Williams, marketing coordinator at HB&O, said:

“Everyone at HB&O was very impressed with the work ARC CIC is doing to improve people’s health and wellbeing in Warwick District.


“Working with the Heart of England Community Foundation allows us to hear about these smaller organisations that we might not have heard of otherwise.


“This is exactly why we choose to work with the Foundation – we know our money is going to the right places.”

And Tina Costello, director of the Foundation, said:

“Highlighting smaller charities and organisations like ARC CIC to our clients is a very important part of what we do.


“We’re glad HB&O have chosen to support ARC CIC after we introduced them to their work, and we hope the money donated allows them to encourage more people to get outdoors and improve their wellbeing.”

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