The Foundation has secured additional funding for Coventry thanks to a successful grant application to the Esmée Fairbairn Foundation.

The grant award, £112,500, will enable more organisations to be supported in the lead up to Coventry’s City of Culture Year in 2021.

Although topping up the Foundation’s Coventry UK City of Culture Fund, the money itself will have a more focused criteria and is not available for individuals.

Tina Costello, Foundation Chief Executive, said:

“We’re so grateful to have succeeded with this grant application. The additional funds will help meet the needs of more organisations in Coventry and will help communities capitalise on the City of Culture status!”

Continuing to support projects delivering cultural outcomes in the city, this funding will support applications with an emphasis on:

  • Supporting the expansion and strengthening of the arts and cultural sector in Coventry
  • Increased cultural engagement in Coventry among under-represented groups
  • Ensuring content of City of Culture 2021 programme reflects community diversity within Coventry

To find out more about the Coventry UK City of Culture Fund and its subsequent funding streams please click here.