Community organisations across the West Midlands are beginning to receive vital funding to boost climate action, innovation and environmental sustainability. To drive forward the climate agenda and support local change, the West Midlands Combined Authority (WMCA) launched the Community Environment Fund with the Community Foundation in October 2023.

We’re thrilled to announce the first grant from the Fund, a substantial £100,000, awarded to the Reuse Hub in Wolverhampton. This ground-breaking project, led by the All Saints Action Network (ASAN) Wood Saints in collaboration with The Rebuild Site, will repurpose surplus materials from construction sites, builders’ merchants, and wholesalers. These materials will be offered to local small traders at a significantly discounted cost. The Reuse Hub, a pioneering venture in Wolverhampton, is expected to divert over 600 tonnes of material from ending up in landfills in its first year.

Shobha Asar-Paul, chief officer at ASAN, said:


“Partnering with Rebuild to launch The Reuse Hub in Wolverhampton is a huge win. This new venture will enable us together to develop a much broader reuse offer that aligns with ASAN’s longstanding work in progressing the circular economy. The opportunity this WMCA funding provides cannot be underestimated and we look forward to working with our community to support their environment and enabling greater social value that makes a difference to people’s lives. Look out for updates on social media- there will be lots going on.”

Debbie Ward, director at The Rebuild Site CIC, said:


“We are delighted to receive this funding which will enable us to work with the region’s construction sector to decrease waste, maximise resources and reduce carbon emissions whilst delivering positive social impact. The team are already starting to contact local organisations to discuss how The Reuse Hub can work with them to reduce their skip costs and deliver positive impact, which of course is also great for their ESG reporting.”

This initial grant highlights the transformative impact of sustainable and climate-friendly projects on the environment. It demonstrates how communities can bolster their resilience in the face of climate change while supporting local circular economies to reduce and repurpose waste.

Tina Costello, CEO of the Heart of England Community Foundation, said:


“We take great pride in delivering this fund, supporting communities to make a positive impact on our environment. This initial grant kickstarts a wave of vital environmental initiatives and sets the stage for more sustainability and a greener, fairer future for communities across the West Midlands. The Reuse Hub is a fantastic example of community-led green innovation, and we are excited to be a part of this journey.”

The Community Environment Fund is still open for applications. Community groups and regional organisations can apply for small grants of up to £25,000 and large grants of up to £100,000 here. If you’re passionate about creating positive change and want to be a catalyst for a sustainable future, apply now.