Woolly Mammoth Stitch Works CIC were awarded £9,992 through the Northfield & Edgbaston NNS Fund to support Quinton’s older residents to become exhibiting artists and create a community that continues to stitch together locally.

The grant has funded Woolly Mammoth Stitch Work’s ‘The Metre Meadow Stitch Project’ to bring together residents aged 50+ to stitch a collaborative wildflower tapestry. Woolly Mammoth developed the project working closely with the aims of the Northfield and Edgbaston Neighbourhood Network Scheme (NNS) team.

Tina Francis, Creative Director at Woolly Mammoth Stitch Works, said:

“Running projects in spaces that are accessible and familiar is really important to us at Woolly Mammoth Stitch Works CIC. The Metre Meadows project in Quinton takes place in two very different venues; The Toby Inn and The Library.


“What isn’t different of course is the project offer. We are passionate about using quality materials, such as Appletons wool in this project, the same yarn used by William Morris and Co.  Whilst stitching is at the core of the project, it’s the community that the monthly meetings create that makes it a Woolly Mammoth project. We call it a “wrap around” and it includes a what’s app group, regular emails and phone calls so that everyone is aware of what is happening with the project and also events further afield.


“It’s been a great project and one where we have not seen the numbers dwindle so hats off to the participants for their staying power!”

The finished tapestry’s will be displayed in public areas on a walking trail around Quinton that the wider community can enjoy. The stitch team were also  invited to ‘sow’ 1 metre wildflower meadows in gardens, tubs and window boxes with The Patchwork Meadow Project, with the aim of brightening up the area, in addition to celebrating and welcoming the world to Quinton along with the Commonwealth Games in 2022.

A participant shared:

“I have enjoyed working in a group of local people. It’s years since I did embroidery – or any kind of sewing, and I’ve loved doing it again.


“Tina and Suze are so welcoming and friendly which makes all the difference when joining something by yourself. I hope the group can continue after this project is completed. I look forward to seeing the end result!”

The Foundation’s Senior Manager of programmes, Shamiela Ahmed, visited the stitch group and even tried her hand at embroidery. She said:

“It was a pleasure to visit Woolly Mammoth Stitch Works to see the fantastic work they are doing with residents, tackling isolation. It was lovely to meet the beneficiaries and hear their stories. The activity was outside my comfort zone but I felt supported and encouraged to take part and tap into my creative side. I promise I will complete my task and visit soon.”


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