The Challenger Trust works with schools to help young people fulfil their potential and the Foundation is thrilled to have supported that mission.

Passionate about tackling the cycle of gang crime in the West Midlands, the Trust has received over £12,000 in Foundation funding this year which will help provide tailored opportunities and support to deprived children in Birmingham.

Supported through the Doing Things Differently Fund, the Peddimore Community Fund and the Coronavirus Resilience Fund, the latter made possible thanks to our partnership with Bullring and Grand Central, Charlie Rigby, Chief Executive of The Challenger Trust, explained why they target deprived children with vital funding:

“The children from the most challenging backgrounds have a lack of access to opportunities related to music, sports and adventure. This creates a cycle of deprivation which can then lead to anti-social behaviour and crime, predominantly gang crime in the West Midlands.”

The Challenger Trust works with schools in the city to deliver an extra-curricular programme of digital engagement and activities for children transitioning to secondary school, and those already disengaged from education.

“The fundamental aim of the project is to improve social mobility, because with social mobility you see an immediate and direct reduction in crime, ill health and poor performance in school.


“Our project delivers opportunities for disadvantaged children. It’s really addressing the issue of ‘poverty of opportunity’ by providing a broad range of activities that meet the interests and aspirations of the children.”

There’s a range of opportunities the Trust provides which also includes organised trips that improve life skills. Recently, a group visited South Warwickshire to attend a bushcraft workshop which included training on the correct use of a knife, an important and powerful message that they believe will steer children away from knife crime!

“It goes without saying how grateful we are to receive this funding. The reason we get out of bed in the morning is to provide the opportunity to change the lives of deprived children.


“With this funding it enables us to fill at least one child with hope, every day.”

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