RoSA are a group offering confidential services and support for survivors of rape, sexual violence and childhood sexual abuse across Warwickshire and the surrounding areas.

The Heart of England Community Foundation has a history of supporting the organisation having awarded them over £34,000 since 2005. A recent grant of £5,000 helped fund a qualified practitioner to support its members. 

One beneficiary from this award, who wished to remain anonymous, said:

“I was incredibly anxious about my first session, I was defensive and didn’t think I’d be able to let anybody in as I find it hard to trust. My counsellor was very patient with me and I began to feel safe and open up to her more and more as the weeks went by.


“RoSA were very accommodating of sessions, I was seen in my local area at a time that fitted around my working commitments. I found my counsellor to be professional, patient and caring and most importantly, I found a safe space to talk about what happened to me.


“With RoSA’s support I’ve managed to turn my life around and start to really live the way I imagined.”

As what is clearly a challenge, RoSA helps individuals take important steps in reclaiming their lives:

“Whilst I’m still half way through my journey of a childhood abuse confession, finally after 49 years I’m facing up to my demons.


“I’ve spent my life living in fear and putting up with far more than I should of from people because I’ve been too afraid to speak up but now, I have a voice.


“I believed that making everybody else happy would make me happy, but I’m beginning to realise that I need to value and prioritise myself in order to find happiness. I’ve become more assertive and real with people rather than fearing I won’t be liked, I’m starting to find myself.”

There was a parting message to anyone considering seeking help:

“If you’re hesitant about counselling, don’t be, RoSA can help you live the life you crave after a difficult time.”

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