Why us?

What can we offer you?

The best way for us to get you on board is to showcase how we’ve made a difference to our donors.

We’ve worked with donors of all shapes and sizes, we’re super flexible and have the experience, track record and knowledge to affect the issues you, or your organisation, care about.

Although our passion is the communities in the West Midlands, we’re embroiled in a network of 46 Community Foundations across the UK which enables us to support you in distributing funds to regions that are close to you heart.

Have a read of the success stories below!


“Wesleyan has a legacy of supporting great causes, and the Wesleyan Foundation has enabled us to take that to the next level.


“We chose to work with Heart of England Community Foundation not just because of the team’s expertise and knowledge, but also their dedication and true passion for what they do.


“We have a brilliant relationship with the Foundation and trust them to work within our parameters to deliver our small grants.”

“The Foundation produces insightful reports about all our grant giving for us, so we can see exactly what groups and projects are being supported and how our grants make a difference to the communities we serve.


“They are an absolute pleasure to work with, and I would say any company looking to improve the way it gives grants or funds out to projects should get in touch with them.”