‘A Bigger Weave’ were awarded a grant of £4,000 from the Foundation’s Coventry UK City of Culture Fund to help connect communities and get them actively involved in an art project.

The ‘travelling show’ has been seen around different locations in the city and today is its first session at St Paul’s Community Centre, Foleshill. Relying on made communities and networks the weaving group is accessible for all.

We spoke to Project Manager, Diane Wood:

“The plan for today is to take it gently, it’s the first session here. We encourage people to come and engage.


“We come to established community groups and we’ve been into open spaces like the library. People enjoy it!”

But what is weaving? Weaving is a method of textile production, where two distinct threads are crossed to form fabric or cloth. The group have two production lines set up in the centre, one is forming a large tapestry which Diane is hoping to get into The Central Library upon completion.

“Why weaving? Well I’m a weaver, that’s a good start! It’s a simpler activity than knitting. We’ve taken it back to basics, so it’s just over and under. You don’t need any experience, you don’t need to learn much, you’ve got no tools in the way. Anyone can do it!


“People sit and weave together, we’ve more able folk behind the main piece which is coming along well now!


“It provides a social gathering; it provokes people into conversation and crafts free people up! When you’re engaged in doing something with your hands it helps people talk.


“We’ve worked in places like hostels and when we do this a lot of people might share their stories with you, when they usually wouldn’t. We use it as a tool.”

The group is getting people socially active, making them feel part of a bigger project and it’s highly accessible allowing those with limited dexterity to take part.

One participant said:

“It’s wonderful to be a part of some local art, it’s community spirit at work and I’m thrilled to participate.”

To find out more about the Foundation’s Coventry UK City of Culture fund please click here. The fund is enabling projects in Coventry to help bring culture to communities in the run up to the City of Culture Year in 2021.

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