A Birmingham based artist has some big ambitions that are in touching distance thanks to a bursary from the Foundation’s Mike Holland Trust.

A young artist that pushes the boundaries, Zunaira, predominately works with photography,s experimenting with technologies and techniques that makes her work unique.

“I was interested in art since I was a kid, I used to take part in all the creative activities around me.


“I wasn’t too good at expressing myself verbally and always found it easier visually. I probably started practising photography eight years ago. I was fascinated with how photographs looked like glimpses of other people’s minds and imaginations!”

Zunaira was awarded a bursary which enabled her to enrol on a MA course in Fine Art at the Birmingham School of Art:

“It would’ve been really hard for me to start an MA this year if I didn’t have the bursary. I was able to pay my tuition fee and the rest will help me pay my material costs and travel. Printing high quality photographs in large scale is quite expensive.


“If Foundations, Funds and Supportive Trusts didn’t take this initiative then it would be almost impossible for people who don’t have the financial capability to access higher education.


“The talented, dedicated people who can contribute to the society in so many different ways wouldn’t be able to achieve their goals. We should try and make education accessible for everyone.”

Zunaira understands the importance of art in communities and the impact that supportive initiatives can have:

“Arts therapies and creative expression can be vital to explore mental health issues, identify and resolve them.


“If money doesn’t go towards the personal and community development, then we are losing this creative side which can empower us to be more supportive of each other and bring us together.


“These initiatives can change people’s lives, it’s as simple and as tremendous as that! They can give a whole new meaning, dedication and perspective to someone’s life.


“Our communities are and can keep developing social inclusion, positive and healthy personal growth and social well–being given the right opportunities and funding.”

Thankful for this platform to develop her skills further Zunaira has her sites set high:

“I am hoping to develop my practise enough to finally move on and have my own studio, work independently, get more involved in projects and collaborations in the industry and community.”

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Michael Holland was Head of Fine Art at BCU: a dedicated teacher and professional painter who specifically wanted to establish the bursary to support future artists because he believed so strongly that they can contribute to society.