Communities Uncovered.

Communities Uncovered is our research analysis of community need across Birmingham and the Black Country.

Launched in March 2018, the report provides the Foundation with a range of indicators, recommendations and specific highlights to help focus our grant making and fund development.

The report, commissioned by the Foundation in partnership with the University of Wolverhampton, consists of a full report and summary report. Issues identified include factors affecting the youth population, adults and older people with a range of measures suggesting cyclical poverty, health issues and disadvantage starting at a young age and transcending into adulthood.

Our Foundation is committed to supporting grassroots initiatives, tackling the types of issues highlighted in the report. In April 2018, we’re pledging £30,000 of our own funding to begin to support the Communities Uncovered recommendations. We will also be working with a range of stakeholders and donors to leverage further match-funding to draw more investment for communities across the region.

You can download a copy of the summary report here: