It’s impossible to find a charity or community organisation we work with that doesn’t rely heavily on the generosity of volunteers.

Whether volunteers themselves set up and manage their community group or whether they make up an organisation’s staff members, without people in place thousands of groups across the UK would cease to exist. #DoMoreLocal

Malcolm Jones set up Heaven’s Kitchen in 2007, based in Dudley, the charity provides support to people in the surrounding areas. The whole team at the organisation are volunteers and without them the community would lose vital support.

First and foremost, as Christians we felt a need in our community to help those who are homeless and those who are in need.


So, we as a church, in 2007 started the project known as Heaven’s Kitchen. We’ve seen thousands of people come through our doors looking for a hot meal and help with their life problems; whether it’s a homeless issue or addiction issues our doors have always been open.


Over the years we’ve seen many successful outcomes and sadly many who’ve lost their lives, but it’s been a pleasure to have known and loved all who’ve used the services we provide.


We love it when we see a successful outcome, when someone turns their life around from a life on the streets or someone who’s gone through the process of rehabilitation and realised there is so much more to life. It brings a great big smile to our faces knowing that we’ve had a part to play in helping them regain a life worth living. 


But to achieve all of this would’ve been impossible if we didn’t have a fantastic group of caring, compassionate and hard working volunteers. They’re the engine that keeps the project going. Each has their own talent whether it’s cooking in the kitchen, serving, making the tea or washing up everyone gives their best and without them we would find it difficult to function and provide the service we do!


So, a great big thank you to all the volunteers that help and have helped over the years you are amazing and loved. 

Malcolm Jones
Project Manager – Heaven’s Kitchen

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