Loaves n Fishes, a charity set up in 2004, provide furniture, household items and clothing for those in need. During the pandemic they’ve received less donations, but thankfully they’ve been able to turn to the Foundation for sport.

With £2,000 from gbpFoundation and £1,000 from NET (National Emergencies Trust) through our Coronavirus Resilience Fund, Loaves n Fishes have continued their doorstep service, collecting donations and delivering them to those in desperate need.

We spoke to Mark, CEO of Loaves n Fishes, about how the funding has supported them through the COVID-19 pandemic:

“It’s allowed us to buy smaller and lighter items which has been essential, as we can only do doorstep deliveries, as well as have only two people in a van, the larger and more bulky items that we have used in the past would simply not have been feasible under these new restrictions.


“Our service provides a lifeline to those who need it the most, and your funding has been our lifeline, so a huge thank you to you!”

Many charities have struggled over the pandemic and funding from grant-giving charities has been a salvation. Mark continued:

“Without the funding our service would not continue, and the vulnerable individuals and families simply wouldn’t have the basics to survive. We have case studies of children and adults sleeping on the floor, having nothing to cook with and having no chairs to sit on.”

Loaves n Fishes support some of the most vulnerable in Dudley and Sandwell, including people who are homeless, unemployed, suffering with mental health issues and dealing with drug or alcohol addictions. Mark continued:

“People are usually extremely grateful and surprised, in a good way, by what they receive.


“In many cases we have people who say that the items provide hope for the future, and the value of this provision goes beyond the value of the individual items.


“It means that they know people care about them and they are not forgotten.”

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