Tappy Twins CIC received a £5,000 grant from our Positive Futures Fund to deliver free family therapy workshops and counselling to disadvantaged families.

This crucial funding allowed them to provide one-to-one counselling sessions for children aged 4-18 along with their parents and families. The project is working to intervene and support vulnerable and disadvantages families with a person-centred counselling approach. This ensures a flexible journey for the family through their support needs to create a more cohesive family relationship.

The grant has had a huge impact on those receiving support as well as their wider families. Through working with children and supporting parents long term changes have been achieved.

Parents have come together in the sessions to talk about the common issues they were facing and draw upon each other’s experiences. This has helped them to understand they are not alone.

Outcomes included:

  • 79 children received one to one support
  • 225 beneficiaries attended 16 parent and child workshops
  • 1,668 engaged anonymously through their online services

Tappy Twins are working on their own development to become more self-sufficient.

They have established a training academy to enable them to deliver courses to schools, agencies and organisations helping to raise income continuation for their work.

Suzanne Skeete, Managing Director of Tappy Twins CIC, said:

“Without your funding being there for us to offer the service they would not have achieved what they have so – thank you!”