Warwickshire Wheelchair Basketball Academy (also known as Bears Wheelchair Basketball Club) offers wheelchair basketball opportunities and activities for people in the West Midlands. They proudly include people of all abilities, ages, and backgrounds.

They were awarded £4,470 from the Solihull Celebrating Communities Fund to deliver a programme of weekly wheelchair basketball beginner sessions, one session each for under-16’s, and one for over-16’s, culminating in a Showcase event.

Tom Masterson, Head Coach at Warwickshire Wheelchair Basketball Academy, said:

“We’ve been delivering two hour sessions twice on Saturdays for two months from Smiths Wood School. These sessions have enabled us to introduce the sport of wheelchair basketball to beginners who are new to sport in a fun, informal and supported sessions.


“Every week we have seen 30 individuals attend an Under 16’s two hour session, followed by 30 individuals attend an Over 16s two hour session. We’ve seen a high retention rate with the same individuals turning up every week which has been great. With the equipment purchased as well as using our own specialised sports wheelchairs we have encouraged those who may have had limited opportunities to enjoy physical activity to come along and take part in an inclusive team activity.”

A beneficiary added:

“Since finding the Bears it has literally changed my life. I now have a new goal and something to look forward to each week.  My fitness and mental health has also been massively improved and I don’t feel so isolated. I have also made some new fantastic friends who are there to support me also. I only wish I had found the Bears earlier.”

Tom concluded:

“Without the funding we would not have been able to run dedicated sessions for the new players and allow us to attract new members to the club.  Also with the new equipment, it has allowed new players to take full advantage of the sessions we run.

“The funding has made a major benefit to our club.  It has also made massive changes to the new players who have started playing in the club.”

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