Our Staff.

The Community Foundation’s staff team provide expertise and knowledge of community issues, experience of developing local giving and a track record of effective and efficient programme & financial management.

Senior Management Team

Tina Costello

Chief Executive

Shamiela Ahmed

Senior Manager – Operations

Claire Evans

Senior Manager –

Operational Team

Sarah Phillips

Executive Officer

Richard Phillips

Business Development Manager 

Scott Harrison

Senior Grants Officer

Aaron Greaves

Marketing & Communications Executive

Natasha Bvute

Finance Officer

Liz Daw

Grants Officer

Jenny Whateley

Grants Officer

Lou Beddoe

Grants Officer

Lorna Langhorn

Grants Assistant

Community Matters Programme Team

Ben Slater

CM Partnership Manager

Rob Brydon

Partnership Officer / Database Lead

Hasmita Parmar

CM Partnership Officer

Paramjit Kaur

CM Finance & Compliance Officer

Satish Sandhu

CM Partnership Officer

Julie Mullineaux

CM Administrator