Our Staff.

The Community Foundation’s staff team provide expertise and knowledge of community issues, experience of developing local giving and a track record of effective and efficient programme & financial management.

Senior Management Team

Tina Costello

Chief Executive

Helen Kendrick

Senior Manager –

Claire Evans

Senior Manager –

Operational Team

Sue Heyes

Grants Officer

Liz Daw

Grants Officer

Jenny Whateley

Grants Officer

Shamiela Ahmed

Grants Officer

Aaron Greaves

Marketing & Communications Executive

Naadira Moyeed

Finance Officer

Lorna Langhorn

Grants Assistant

Community Matters Programme Team

Ben Slater

CM Partnership Manager

Sanjay Chand

CM Finance Officer

Rob Brydon

Partnership Officer / Database Lead

Suki Talwar

CM Partnership Officer

Hasmita Parmar

CM Partnership Officer