Neighbourhood Network Schemes (NNS) are commissioned by Birmingham City Council, Adult Social Care, to develop local support and activities which are needed for citizens to lead happy, healthy, independent lives in their own homes and communities.

As part of the Neighbourhood Networks Scheme, the Connected Communities project was developed to address the potential gaps in community-based activities and support for smaller minority or community of interest groups who are spread ‘thinly’ across Birmingham that may not be suitable for or deemed a priority of the wider constituency NNS.

NNS Connected Communities aims to commission a single-grant award of up to £260,000 over 2 years (with the option to extend until 2027) to one organisation to work with three priority communities in Birmingham:

  • LGBTQ+ communities
  • Gypsy, Roma, and Traveller communities [GRT]
  • Deaf BSL communities

Applications are welcomed from voluntary and community sector organisations working in Birmingham. Local authority or other public sector organisations are not eligible to apply. We are also open to partnership applications but will require one lead organisation.

The chosen organisation must have expertise in Asset Based Community Development, to recruit and host three community development workers. Each worker is required to focus on one of the three communities, whilst also working as a small team sharing resources where appropriate. An essential part of the role will be for the workers to find and build trust with citizens from these specific communities. The facilitation of networks to support citizens to express what matters to them, what they love about their community, and what they want to change is expected.

Application and Assessment Process

Before applying please read the CDP Spec Final, Framework and Principles documents.

The application and assessment process will compromise 3 stages over a period of approximately 12 weeks. We anticipate that the successful bidder will begin mobilisation of the project September/October 2024.

To note: The deadline for Initial Expressions of Interest for the NNS Connected Communities Fund has been extended to July 1st. This is intended to provide community organisations with additional time to develop their partnership applications. New deadlines for the remainder of the application process will be announced soon.

Stage One – Initial Expression of Interest

  • Expressions of interest should be submitted by Monday, July 1st 2024. Those who are successful will be shortlisted and invited to apply for the next stage.
  • Submissions should be no longer than 500 words.

Initial Expression of Interest should include:

  • Some background information about your organisation.
  • Any relevant previous experience working with hard-to-reach communities.
  • How you plan to achieve the aims and outcomes for the identified communities.

Stage Two – Full Application

  • Full Application forms and guidance will be sent to applicants no later than Wednesday, 26th June 2024.
  • It is strongly recommended that you meet with a member of the Commissioning team to discuss your application before submission.
  • Completed applications should be submitted no later than 2.00pm, Wednesday 24th July 2024. 
  • Submissions will be assessed and scored, and those who meet the threshold will be invited to present to the ‘Expert by Experience’ panel.

Stage Three – Expert by Experience Panel

  • Successful applicants will be invited to give a short presentation and Q&A to the panel.


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