Thanks to a grant from the Foundation’s Coventry UK City of Culture Fund a break-dancer is sharing his skills with the city!

Andrei Roman who came to the city for university now calls Coventry home and is trying to inspire a new generation of performers with his eyes on the 2024 Olympics.

“In Coventry it’s just me teaching breaking, we don’t have much competition for funding, it’s a convenient location, close to Birmingham and London too, it’s especially good with the City of Culture coming. It’s a great opportunity!


“There’s good breakdancing communities in Derby and Leeds but they don’t travel very much, when you travel you get to see others, you get inspired!


“We’re also celebrating the fact that braking will be involved in the 2024 Olympics. It’ll help raise the profile and give other people opportunities; encouraging the next generation!”

Andrei’s class, Music Drives Kreativity, has been running since the end of 2019, it aims to inspire and teach young people in the city and maybe, just maybe, produce a new Olympian!

“I don’t use these classes to make money, I’m using this to make a culture, make a community!”

Music Drives Kreativity breaking classes are held every Thursday for 5 – 13 year olds at:

18:30 – 19:30
The Loft

For more information about the Foundation’s Coventry UK City of Culture Fund please click here.