Jaime Richards, Coventry Haven’s Development & Funding Officer, is a survivor of domestic abuse and now, with her team, works above and beyond to support those most in need. Running several refuges across the city, staff members are available day and night.

Awarded £30,000 from the Coronavirus Resilience Fund the money has been used to operate a contingency plan and employ an additional worker over the last year.

Jaime said:

“Refuges are the bread and butter but it’s the hardest to fund. These guys are there all of the time. That’s life changing and lifesaving. Once they move out we don’t stop the support, they might move into another part of the service, they can ring the helpline at any time.”

The grant funded Kelsey’s employment, she said:

“My role is to ensure the safety of the ladies; on a weekly basis I’ll see them individually. When they come to us we do as much for them as we can so they can relax, they’ve been through a great ordeal.


“The work we do goes above and beyond our job role to be honest, we do all we can to support them and get them back on their feet. We do get people with mental health issues, drugs and alcohol issues and people who are feeling suicidal so we’re there 24 hours.


“I honestly believe that refuge is a saviour, they all say when they leave they ‘would’ve been dead without it.’ When you get those results it’s an absolutely incredible feeling.


“I was a child in a domestic violence household, now I’m older I can help people and it means everything. I try my hardest and the women are so appreciative. To get them into that good place again it just takes time, a lot of effort but it’s lovely.”


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