Coventry Building Society.

Supporting the Coronavirus Resilience Fund was one of the ways to prove that Coventry
Building Society stood together with Coventry and Warwickshire; working with the Foundation
was the best way to do that!


Heart of England Community Foundation were one of the first organisations to jump into action
and a financial response was the best way for us to get involved, there was no point in waiting
around. Vital community groups, and the people, they support needed help instantly!


As an organisation we were confident that the Foundation would use our money well to serve
some of the most vulnerable people in our communities and we were right.


Since our initial support of the Coronavirus Resilience Fund, we’ve been able to adapt the criteria
of our original fund with the Foundation. We’re delighted that the Coventry Building Society Fund
will continue to support those people struggling in the current pandemic.

Emma Brodie
Senior Communities Specialist, Coventry Building Society