Coventry 2021

Coronavirus Resilience Fund

The Coronavirus has had an unforeseen impact on the arts sector that has put the future of organisations and the welfare of those working in the cultural sector at risk. Coventry 2021 want to support those in the community for whom the cancelling of public events has hit the hardest across Coventry and Warwickshire.

This hardship fund will support arts organisations and individuals to help them through this difficult time.

For organisations, we want to hear about the impact that Covid-19 has had on your work. As an individual, we require evidence of cancellation of work or proof of loss of earnings.

The maximum grant size for organisations is: £1000
The maximum grant size for individuals is: £500

This fund is only available in Coventry or Warwickshire.

Please fill out an application form. Please send the completed application as a Word Document. 

Further Guidance:

Arts Council England –

Please read our Essential Information before applying. 

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