The Coronavirus Resilience Fund was launched on 23rd March, ensuring that money was available to support the vital services needing help during these unprecedented times and it’s now awarded more than £1,000,000 to grassroots organisations across the West Midlands!

As a result of the pandemic, it has been reported that charities across the UK will see a £4.3bn loss in income from donations. Looking to plug the gap, the Foundation has ensured that it has continued to deliver grants to charities that are making a difference to their local areas.

From food banks to mental health charities, the Foundation has now supported 305 projects with grants ranging from £2,000 to £30,000. Many vulnerable people across the West Midlands and Warwickshire have relied on these local outreach programmes, and – now more than ever – these vital services need to continue to support those in need.

Relief funding has been paramount to the future of these fundamental local projects and will help them to continue throughout the pandemic. As well as individuals pledging their support for the charity’s fund, the National Emergencies Trust has worked alongside the UKCF network and the Heart of England to distribute money to community projects.

Tina Costello, Chief Executive of the Foundation, comments:

“We cannot thank everyone enough who have supported the Foundation throughout this pandemic. We have been overwhelmed by the generosity from everyone across the region and the National Emergencies Trust. So many people care about the West Midlands and Warwickshire and it’s truly shown through the amount of support we’ve received.


“Through such difficult times, our communities have shown such selfless commitment to supporting those less fortunate and those most vulnerable. I’m so incredibly happy and humbled that the Foundation has been able to support these amazing charities.”

The Foundation hopes to continue to assist those in need across the region and urges anyone who can help to donate. Organisations across the West Midlands such as Wesleyan, Coventry Building Society, and Orbit Group have all supported the fund, whilst Birmingham Live and Coventry City of Culture have also shown support to the Foundation during its efforts to help those in need.

Further to its initial Coronavirus Resilience Fund and looking ahead to what the ‘new normal’ holds, the Foundation has since launched an addition adapted fund, called ‘Doing Things Differently’ after receiving such great support and feedback. The new scheme offers grants of up to £20,000, to help organisations change the way they deliver their work: from moving services to provide them digitally; through to redeploying staff to meet the changing needs of the community.

For a full list of grants awarded through the Coronavirus Resilience Fund click here, to support the fund click here and to apply for the fund click here.