Wesleyan Foundation Grants

The Wesleyan Foundation was established in 2017 to continue to support various good causes throughout the UK.

There are two levels of grants available:

  • Wesleyan Foundation Small Grants – For full details please read our Small Grants Fund Factsheet.
  • Wesleyan Foundation Large Grants –  For full details please read our Large Grants Fund Factsheet . 
Please note, we are unable to make grants to/or for:

  • Individuals or sole traders
  • Arts projects and arts focussed organisations
  • Sports clubs and societies (unless the project benefits disabled people)
  • Contact sports such as boxing
  • Capital Builds
  • Direct replacement of statutory obligations and public funding
  • Promotion of religious or political activities
  • Groups with significant financial free reserves
  • Organisations or charities which are solely to promote any particular religion
  • Organisations who have indicated poor management of any previous grants or who
  • present poor financial health
  • Payment of deficit funding or repayment of loans
  • Animal welfare, unless the project benefits people (e.g. disabled riding schemes)
  • Statutory work in educational institutions
  • Pure sponsorship purposes or funding purely for costs of fund raising events
To apply for a Small Grant for projects based in Coventry, Solihull & Warwickshire click the button below.
To apply for a Small Grant for projects based in Birmingham & the Black Country click the button below.
The Wesleyan Large Fund is currently closed. 
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