Trusts and Foundations

With the endorsement of the Charity Commission we can work with established or new trusts and foundations that would like to outsource part or all of their grant-making. We are also able to handle the transfer of dormant or declining trusts.

We often work on behalf of other funding bodies and charitable trusts enabling them to support many smaller locally based projects. Our partnerships with organisations such as Comic Relief and the European Social Fund helps them to channel vital funding into our network of local causes.

The service we offer to Trusts and Foundations

Many charitable trusts can become dormant because they have difficulty in identifying beneficiaries, or because the trustees and founders find the administration and responsibility of running a charity becomes too onerous. A dormant trust’s funds can be released to The Heart of England Community Foundation, where they can be used to support the needs in our local communties. This service is endorsed by the Charity Commission.

To find out more about how we can help you manage your charitable trust, contact Tina Costello CEO at the Foundation on 024 76883260.

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Case Study – Jumping Through Hoops

Jumping Through Hoops was a charity established to support young people’s groups in the City of Coventry but it had reached the point where it needed a full-time infrastructure and the trustees decided its future would be best served in the hands of the Heart of England Community Foundation.

Tina Costello, director of the Heart of England Community Foundation, said: “Jumping Through Hoops was established to help disadvantaged people in Coventry who haven’t had the best start in life. It was run on a voluntary basis but came to the point where it need full-time management to maintain the level of support it wanted to offer. £1.9 million is a huge amount of money for us to be entrusted with and we are delighted that the trustees of Jumping Through Hoops recognise our ability to develop grant programmes which will have a real impact on the lives of young people in Coventry.”

Sherod Williams, chair of Jumping Through Hoops, said the Heart of England Community Foundation was the ideal organisation to entrust the funds to. He added: “I would like to thank all trustees past and present who have given their time and their expertise in reaching this point. As a trust board, we came to a unanimous decision that the interests and objectives of our charity would now be best served through the highly-regarded Heart of England Community Foundation.”