Case Study

Just Straight Talk – Right place, right time.

Having struggled with anxiety and depression since her school years Chloe, now 18, is slowly starting to see the benefits of her time with Just Straight Talk (JST).

“I did my GCSEs but I never went to college, it was in school where it all went wrong.”

JST provides unique support plans for young adults who are disadvantaged and unemployed, this can be anything from support with job applications or help at GP appointments.

“It’s nice to have the support from the team, I wouldn’t be able to do it on my own, it’s nice to have people there to help me. I’m nervous about the future but I am excited.”

Referring to her worst days Chloe discloses how hard it can be for her:

“I can’t get up, I know everyone struggles to get out of bed for obvious reasons but I just can’t. It’s hard to get dressed, to leave the house. Even down to eating, sometimes I’ll eat loads but other times I won’t think about eating or drinking all day.

“My anxiety does bring panic attacks now and again, but I haven’t challenged it for a while, social situations make it worse as well as getting things wrong, it can sometimes put me back.

“The last time I self-harmed was March, that’s positive, it’s been a better year, my good and bad days are starting to equal out a bit.”

Kate Beale, Project Manager at Just Straight Talk, has seen the progress made by Chloe first hand:

“Chloe came to the service with a friend and she’s progressed well but she’s still disadvantaged.

“She’s been through a lot in her young life but she’s starting to gain that trust back, she can look people in the eyes again.”

Kate is optimistic about the Chloe’s future and knows JST have the resources to help her achieve her goals:

“We’ve got a lot of local connections and we have a lot of opportunities and when she’s ready we’ll be able to find something in the community for her.”

Chloe’s experiences in life have given her something to aim for and she wants to make a difference:

“I’m interested in working in mental health, I want to support young people who’ve had a similar journey to myself.  I want to make sure that people with the same struggles I had, do have opportunities instead of being stuck in a bubble.”

Just Straight Talk is one of the 19 delivery partners involved in Community Matters and aims to encourage and empower people through creativity to live better and more fulfilling lives.