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The Love Leamington Fund is created by donations from local people, businesses and MP’s for the benefit of the local community.

The Fund aims to help;

  • Those living within the area of Leamington; namely the District Council wards of Clarendon, Crown, Leam, Manor, Milverton, Newbold and Sydenham. If clarification is needed please visit
  • Those who are facing some form of disadvantage or social exclusion.
  • Small local community groups, and priority will be given to those with income under £50,000.

Grants will be available for up to £500, and can be made for projects that meet one or more of the following criteria:

  • Local groups which involve local people
  • Small, unstaffed & under-funded groups;
  • Support for self-help and voluntary efforts;
  • Neighbourhood or grassroots-based projects;
  • Projects tackling isolation & exclusion;
  • Projects helping vulnerable people to gain strength & self confidence.

For more information about this fund read our fund factsheet