Seven Up Project – Awarded £3,830 from Comic Relief Local Communities Grants


Tales from the Heart of England Community Foundation

Space for imagination.

Written by Chris O'Connell - Artistic Director, Theatre Absolute Working as we do at the Shop Front Theatre, we get through a lot of activity! Almost every week someone knocks on our door, or we say yes towards enabling or facilitating a new project in the...

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Challenging but rewarding times ahead?

Written by Phil Ewing - Chairman This morning it dawned – the realisation that I was now the Chair of a rapidly developing Charity holding assets in excess of £12million, regularly distributing more than £2million in grants and employing 15 people. What...

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What a difference a day makes.

Written by Paulette Suban - Support Manager at Cape Community Day Centre, Smethwick At Cape Community Day Centre we provide services for elderly people, predominantly with an Afro-Caribbean background. We currently have around 35 clients who visit the...

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Grants to be had.

Written by Aaron Greaves - Communications Officer Last year the Foundation received 810 applications, 55% of these were successful. But what turns an applicant into a grant receiver? We can’t physically fund every grant proposal, but you can give yourself...

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Something for Something

Written by Ryan Boyce - Development Manager Charities and voluntary organisations across the country are experiencing some of the largest increases in service demands, at a time when more than 60 per cent of small charities say that their top concern is achieving...

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Our first ever blog!!

A week in the life of a charity CEO Welcome to our very first blog. As the CEO of a Community Foundation, no two days are the same and there is no such thing as a typical week – but for my first ever blog I wanted to give you a glimpse of what kind of things I get up...

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